Storm Watch

When To Expect An Inspection

STORM WATCH includes a home visit and inspection within 36 hours after any storm labeled as a tropical storm or above (more than 33 mph sustained winds) and any snowstorm with more than 3 inches of accumulation.

Learn what a STORM WATCH inspection after storms includes below.


  • Inspection for missing/damaged shingles and siding
  • Inspection of windows/doors for broken parts/glass
  • Inspection for missing/damaged deck boards and handrails
  • Inspection of gutters for debris
  • Inspection of crawlspace/basement for broken pipes/flooding water
Damaged Roof Shingles Repair
Water Damaged Ceiling And Wall


  • Inspection for broken pipes and flooding in the house
  • Inspection of all ceilings for water intrusion
  • Inspection of windows/doors for water intrusion
  • Ensure any sump pumps in the house are working properly
  • Reset electricity if the power went out

After The Inspection

You will be contacted immediately upon any damage found after a storm. A Man Who Can STORM WATCH will stop and cover any active leaks immediately to prevent further damage and properly evaluate for permanent repairs. A quote will be provided for repairs by A Man Who Can LLC. If another trade needs to be brought in for assessment, or if homeowners have another contractor for repairs, we can coordinate with them to give a quote for repairs needed.

Siding Repair Before

What's The Cost?

$399 per year (365 days)
The year starts when full payment is made.

Additional Services Available

Billed Upon Request

-Checking on home additional times throughout the year
-Boarding up of any windows and doors before/after storms
-Securing any loose furniture/objects from impending winds
-Turn off electric and/or water before storm
-Secure any packages that were delivered
-Snow removal/salting if homeowners are coming in town

Is Your Vacation Home Local To Us?

Give A Man Who Can STORM WATCH your trust! Let us worry about your home while you are away, and any problems found we will be sure to relay. Have peace of mind that your investment is protected, and we vow to you it will never be neglected.